Behind our commitment and dedication are the three company directors who have come together from a diverse range of construction backgrounds, with each bringing unique skills and experience to achieve one objective – to form a team that is exceptionally capable of delivering challenging projects safely, on time within budget and amicably.

Director - John Kuczmenda
Director - Stuart Win
Director - John Sadler

Our company directors are individually very well known throughout the Queensland construction industry, they provide our clients with the comfort that they are directly dealing with personnel that not only are directors and owners of the company, but are also personnel who have repeatedly achieved what they promise and bring years of construction leadership and experience.


John Kuczmenda

In 1973 John founded the business and initially worked as a concrete sub-contractor and gained an enormous amount of experience by working all over Australia.  In 1976 he moved the business to Queensland and based himself out of Townsville, and then in 1984 when he was successful in winning the Hayman Island redevelopment project, he relocated to the Whitsunday region.

By 1984 he had established an excellent reputation within the Queensland construction industry and diversified into formwork, thereby making his business a total concrete specialist business, and he soon became one of the most reputable, reliable concrete businesses within regional Queensland.

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Stuart Win

Once Stuart completed his carpentry apprenticeship in 1985 he then became involved in the Queensland formwork industry.  It wasn’t long before Stuart proved himself to be very capable and excelled in the industry, as his ability to read and understand plans, manage projects and ensure construction actitives were delivered on time was soon recognised.

Stuart has a builder’s licence and has experience in all phases of construction from excavation right through to the fit out of the project. In 1994 he became a partner in KozWin which is now Barrier Reef Contracting.

Stuart is based in the Whitsunday region and is heavily involved in setting up and managing the company’s construction operations.

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John Sadler

After John completed his Civil Engineering degree in Brisbane in 1978, he worked for Thiess where he gained a great deal of civil contracting experience and became very involved in a wide range of major projects, involving both civil and building infrastructure.  John’s career has spanned over 30 years and from 1984 he has been in senior roles with major construction companies.

John is very well known and respected within the Queensland construction industry and his skills of managing large projects give Barrier Reef Contracting a competitive edge.

John is based in Cairns but is readily able to relocate to focus on major work opportunities.

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